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ProLine Construction

ProLine Construction Company is a Colorado corporation established in 1990.

Our clients include:

  • Building Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Businesses
  • Municipal Entities

Owner's Message

ConferenceThank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in our company and what services we can provide. We are a very talented and experienced staff that takes pride in our ability to meet and exceed our customer's goals with the highest level of character and integrity. We are always striving for our customer's success. Our strengths include a strong understanding of our specific customer's unique needs; from providing fast, accurate budget pricing benefitting the property management leasing efforts, design-build value engineering of developer activity, to turnkey design-build execution for a particular business. We've surrounded ourselves with design professionals and subcontractors who exemplify the same high level character and performance we require of ourselves. We've worked hard at developing and maintaining a very positive,
trustworthy reputation in the industry and look forward to
serving your needs.



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